Valentine misery for those couples that don’t eat carbs.

So what do you do on Valentines evening when all restaurants gear up for lovely rich indulgent dishes, for those that love their pasta, potatoes and sugar delights. Well, last year was my first year of having no carbs.

When you look at pubs and restaurants there are always the potatoes and no carb free alternatives. Yes, I guess you could say, “but could you swap this for extra greens, or could you swap that for a salad”.

Quite frankly it would be really nice to be able to walk into a restaurant and just order off the menu, but unfortunately we still live in a world where the masses believe that carbs are our friend. Well, not if you are a type two diabetic!

Last year, I tried to make our evening as special as I could do, thinking about the types of food my husband would order in a restaurant without compromising. It actually turned out easier then I thought.

My daughter and I set the mood. We designed a three course menu (she had eaten earlier), we set the lighting, very romantic. We set the stage ready for when my husband came home.

At 6:00pm sharp my husband arrived home from work to be greeted by our daughter at the door, ready to take his coat and escort him to the front room, where a pre dinner drink of Vodka had been prepared for him. Soft music playing in the background, she presented him with the menu for the evening and asked if there was anything else she could get for him while he perused the delights of the evening.

Meanwhile in the kitchen I was slaving over a hot stove, only joking, I had compiled a really easy meal that also allowed me to enjoy our evening.

My daughter returned to her daddy with a selection of sugar/carb free dips I had prepared earlier, along with some cucumber, carrot and apple slices for dipping.

By the time our starter was ready, my husband was suitably relaxed and happy to take his place at the table. Our daughter showed him to his seat and asked if he would like some water with dinner.

I then took my place, knowing our daughter could take over on the starter from there. We exchanged pleasantries and discussed how our day had gone and then our daughter presented us with our first course of beef consommé with added spring onions. It tasted heavenly and totally not low sugar, which it was.

We both throughly enjoyed our starter and I disappeared to powder my nose, in actual fact, I had to go and finish off the steak, as this was a pretend restaurant and our daughter was only 6!

When everything was ready I was back from my little table break and waited for our 6 year old waitress to present us with our main course, a delightful Fillet steak with a pepper sauce, steamed beans, asparagus and a side order of celeriac dauphinois. We were in food heaven and not a starchy carb in site.

We polished off the lot and were pretty full, but this was valentine, so there was still time for a bit of pud. Our daughter cleared away our plates and asked us if we were ready for dessert, which of course we were. She proceeded to bring out two fantastic looking bowls of fresh strawberries and rich double cream. We were in pudding heaven. Oh my, this was better than any restaurant on valentines, the price tag was even better, we had managed to have a great night out/in for less than £15.00 and not a baby sitter or carb in site.

Please enjoy your Valentine Evening this year. Sending love.