So where do you start? We decided to adopt a low, no carb/sugar way of eating. If you are the person who walks round the supermarket looking at the vast array of products for sale and really look at the products, you would be excused to think that low fat would be the way to go. Well read the labels. All of the low fat varieties have way more sugar in them than their full fat counterparts. This shocked me. I had always opted for the low fat version, thinking I was helping my family. So on doing some research and reading other books for facts about how to reverse type 2 diabetes and lose weight we started by cutting out completely the following items.


As you will agree these are all staple ingredients to most family meals that we all eat.

Howard is a typical meat and two veg kind of guy, pretty plain tastes so what was I going to cook for him to make him stick to a new way of eating. This was going to be a challenge!

So I had to get organised. My priorities were as follows:-

Nothing on the entertaining calender in the next couple of months.
Empty out the kitchen cupboards so we can not be tempted.
Clear out the fridge of any alien items that would also tempt us.

This way if I had the basics covered, we would both have a fighting chance of achieving our goals.

I also put up in the kitchen a white board so I could set out a weekly menu, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This might sound a bit geeky but planning is crucial if you want to succeed.

I went online and searched the books that would help me make interesting meals that we could both enjoy and adapt to our different tastes. I then set to planning my shopping list.

I also downloaded a weight, calorie app. Where I could place in my current weight and my goal, plus where I could upload my daily intake of food and it would calculate them into calories.

I was now set.